SETTE is a  contemporary Italian-style Jeweller imbued with the  innate intricacies  of Thai craftsmanship. Established in  2007, SETTE  infuses  Fine Jewellery masterpieces  into a ‘ready to wear’ concept, with  articles of grandeur that are  both luxurious and colorful  yet priced  affordably. 

Our Belief & Inspiration

SETTE  believes that Fine Jewellery shouldn't be locked up and stored  only for  grand and  special occasions.  Jewellery should be worn  anywhere, at any time, on any occasion,  whenever  the wearer wants it.

Therefore, Jewellery from  SETTE  is offering guests  a combination of finest-quality, colorfully-crafted  gemstones, with versatility in use,  modern contemporary Italian-style inspired all  culminating in  timeless pieces  of beauty that can be worn anywhere and  anytime. 

Jewellery at  SETTE  are statement pieces of  lifestyle and  SETTE  believes life is worthwhile only when individuals turn  desires driven from within into  precious pieces  of jewels.